A Chat With The Leather King

by Sarah Gilchrist SOURCE Portable TV / Vimeo

“My name is Mitch Alfus… father of three, husband of two, leather king.” The Selby has done it again.

Following on from his first short film is this video, which introduces us to bold New Yorker, Mitch Alfus,owner and director (aka Leather King) of empire, Libra Leather.

The video kicks off with Mitch playing the doting father and bonding with his daughter Milla. He helps her get dressed,  she helps him get dressed, they paint their nails together. Kind of cute, really. The clip takes a different turn when we meet businessman Mitch. He doesn’t beat around the bush – he is a hard, fast talking man who knows what he wants from his staff and pushes them to the core.

But it’s this hard attitude that has built Libra Leather into a multi-million dollar company that has been operating since 1977 and we can only dream of getting our mitts on those “sumptuous, buttery, soft” leather skins.

Once again Todd Selby has reeled in some amazing talent to produce this one (Lauren Sherman -Producer  and Ed David - Director of Photography).