A Look At The Man Behind The Velvet Tuxedo Jacket: Tom Ford Doc

by Jessica Rubin SOURCE Stylecaster / YouTube
Photo Credit: Terry Richardson

Tom Ford is one of the most renowned and elusive names in today's fashion industry. His clothes are clean-cut and beautiful, emphasizing everything that we dig about high fashion. The designer (who famously won't allow any pictures to be taken at his presentations) has finally opened the door into his life.

On October 23rd the documentary entitled Tom Ford: Visionaries (see trailer below) will air on OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network - yes we said the "Oprah" network so look for it somewhere on your cable listings) and we think it will be muy interasante. 

In an interview with Marie Claire the film's director, Michael Bonfiglio, spoke of his experience with Ford, offering some insights into the design superstar's personality:

"Off-camera, Tom was the same warm and calm person that he appears to be on-camera. He struck me as a perfectionist in the sense that he knows exactly what he wants, but in relaying his ideas to people, I never saw him do it in a demanding way. He's just very specific about what he likes and doesn't like -- and if it has his name on it, it has to be right. He didn't seem to go around changing things just for the sake of changing them -- he came across as very precise and purposeful."

We have always been a little curious about this guy (fashion designer, filmmaker, photographer, model, influencer...) and what makes him tick and how he has has become a singular voice for mean and women;s fashion. Here's a look at the trailer, the clips from the documentary are clever and manage  to chip away at the very controlled Ford. Could be interesting to see how one man created his own personal brand, a fashion empire and mass appeal to the high end of fashion.