Artist Rostarr: B-Boy Abstraction

Photo Credit: The Arktip

Multi-disciplinary artist Romon Kimin Yang, AKA Rostarr, opens up about his pseudonym and the therapeutic effects of his craft in director Matt Black’s short.

Known for his wide-ranging portfolio encompassing geometric graphics, monochrome calligraphic prints and colorful abstract paintings, Rostarr melds his South Korean roots with New York’s vibrant street culture—even composing spontaneous, one-off works by break dancing on the canvas. “He takes graphic design from his studies, traditional script from his family, hip-hop and B-boying from his life in the city,” explains Black, who has followed the Brooklyn-based artist for over a decade. “You don’t necessarily see all these influences in the first instance because it’s abstract, but everything is there.” The Paris-born filmmaker’s ongoing Reflections series has previously profiled New York artists KAWS, Scott Campbell and José Parlá. “This group of guys represents a certain part of this city,” says Black. “Their work is outside the boundaries of art, it crosses over in amazing ways and goes beyond generation, gender and race.”