City Lights Sustained All Night

by Michael Hines SOURCE Trend Hunter / YouTube
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Meidad Marzan

UrbanTiles from Meidad Marzan sustainably light up skyscrapers at night.

UrbanTiles from Meidad Marzan are an innovative new way to light up skyscrapers at night. Marzan’s tiles have two sides that are exposed during different parts of the day. One side of the UrbanTile is a photovoltaic panel that collects the sun’s energy during the day; the other side of tile is an OLED light that uses the stored solar energy to illuminate the building.

Skyscrapers lighting up the night sky are a common sight in large cities. While a skyline full of office lights looks pretty, it comes at a high price as a skyscraper consumes a massive amount of energy running the lights during the night. UrbanTiles would be able to significantly reduce the amount of energy needed to power skyscrapers at night. The tiles would also allow building to create unique designs like the ones seen here. Try creating abstract art using regular office lights.