Daycare For The Bored Male Shopper

by Bob van Leeuwen SOURCE Trendhunter / YouTube

IKEA Manland gives boyfriends and husbands a break from shopping.


Usually, women enjoy shopping more than most men. If there are chairs in retail shops, most of the time they are occupied by bored men waiting for their mothers, sisters or wives. On a Saturday afternoon, IKEA can be a form of torture for certain men. IKEA in Australia now makes life a little bit easier for the lads. The company has invented Manland for all bored males. While mom is shopping, dad can enjoy himself in this high-tech, football-loving room. Men can watch sports, play on Xbox, eat hot dogs, drink non-alcoholic beverages and play table soccer.

With IKEA Manland omen can even obtain a buzzer that signals after 30 minutes or whenever their male companion is ready to be collected.