Fanfare For Fanfarlo’s “Replicate”

by Xakota SOURCE Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good / Soundcloud
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fanfarlo

I first discovered Fanfarlo almost two years ago and instantly fell in love.

I listened to the London-based band’s debut album Resevoir constantly, and still do to this day. “Replicate” is the first track on their upcoming second album and introduces a much darker vibe, departing from the bands freshman peppiness. Despite my adoration for Reservoir’s upbeat melodies, “Replicate shows a maturity that I deeply appreciate. The Arcade Fire-esque song contains a strong feeling of suspense, created with the beautiful violin that Fanfarlo fans will surely recognize, placed against the varying rhythm of Amos Mernon’s vocals. The abrupt ending of the song leaves me wanting more, and I’m eagerly awaiting track two.

Fanfarlo - Replicate by Eclectic Eavesdroppings