“Free” To Be U Miss Kills

by Staff SOURCE Idolator

Natalia Kills’ “Free” is all about the joys of shopping (even when you spend every last dollar on the habit), and the just-dropped video for the track embraces that theme by featuring the illegally-downloaded diva in a number of high-fashion outfits, rolling around in a glass box full of money.

The broke-girls anthem also revels a bit in the artsy gruesomeness of her “Wonderland” vid by featuring the Perfectionist wielding a chainsaw and setting stuff on fire (though no heads roll this time around). And do we detect a bit of a “Born This Way”-style celebration of being who you are, complete with the not-at-all-Lady-Gaga-like Natalia Kills atop a motorcycle? What better way to celebrate your Summer afternoon than watch a video for a song called “Free” below?

We’re definitely digging this clip for this excellent and very catchy pop jam (though will.i.am’s unnecessary and uninspired addition to the track reminds a lot of one by Kanye West on a certain Katy Perry track).