Full Discloure “I Love That You Know”

by Staff SOURCE The Guardian / Soundcloud
Photo Credit: courtesy Disclosure

Disclosure hail from south London and are brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence. They make the kind of music that's influenced by dance genres they're probably too young to have experienced first time round (one of them is 16 and the other is 19).

Last year a lot of important music blogs and free music papers got very excited about them based on a couple of songs and this new track. Taken from their forthcoming double A-side, Carnival / I Love That You Know is a glorious example of why everyone was using all those superlatives.

The appropriately named riffs are a delirious slice of garage rhythms and looping vocal samples, which start like every other blogged about song made in a small studio – that vinyl hiss, those echoey vocal riffs, that drum clap – but soon transforms itself into a rapid-fire sonic experiment. This is no slo-mo hipster folly, this is dance music so frenetic you can't even dance to it.