Geographer Leads You Down Multiple Paths

by Lauren Rosenthal SOURCE Treasure Island Festival / Vimeo

Geographer, a Noise Pop alumnus and one of Spin’s “Undiscovered Bands That You Need To Hear Now!” brings the dance to your ears with their electro-pop that ranges from upbeat and synthy to moody and back again.

Geographer makes music for people who like to sway, close their eyes, and embrace the dream. Nathan Blaz’s electric cello is not something you expect to hear in an electro band (or really any type of popular rock music), and it really makes the band a unique treat—especially when you combine that with synths and Brian Ostreicher’s expertly executed drums, not to mention Mike Deni’s wandering vocals. The lyrics, at once dreamlike, beautiful and everyday, are a credit to Deni’s songwriting.