Graypants: The Consummate Do-Overs

by JA SOURCE JA / Vimeo
Photo Credit: Graypants Studio, Courtesy Graypants

In recent years, Seattle, Washington-based Graypants have become known for their various pendant lamps made from cardboard.

The duo behind Graypants, Jonathan Junker and Seth Grizzle, met as architecture students at Kent State and forged a bond out of their shared love of design. Eight years of collaboration later, they’re now based in Seattle, where Graypants was founded. Together, Junker and Grizzle have produced everything from chairs and tables to buildings and doghouses–all made from discarded and repurposed materials like newspaper, cardboard, and plywood.

Their Scrap Lights, however, top our list of favorites. We are struck all over again by the way the architects-turned-designers-turned-businessmen expertly blend contemporary design with a practical approach to materials and waste. Not only do these lamps make an awesome centerpiece hanging from the ceiling of any room (can’t you just see them in a home kitchen, or even a restaurant bar?), they’re also a reminder that thoughtful design can be stunning and sustainable.