High & Tight: Kempt’s Points For Winter Skincare

by Russell Brandom SOURCE Get Kempt
Photo Credit: Brooke Geery

Winter’s a tough season for your skin. You may have already noticed a little wintry dryness creeping up, now that you’re splitting your time between frozen streets and furnace-heated offices.


Stick with your regular routine and you’ll be in sorry shape by the time February rolls around—so we’ve put together a quick playbook to protect your skin against the dry chill of winter.

Gentlemen, your guide to winter skin care:

Real Men Moisturize
Some guys are squeamish about picking up a bottle of moisturizer, but there’s no better way to keep your skin in shape through the winter months. Think of it as the grooming equivalent of snow boots. We suggest a two-pronged assault: some SPF-infused goop for your face (just add it to the end of your shaving routine), and something more basic for the rest of your body. It’s a simple, cheap remedy that gets you 90% there—but it’s surprising how many gentlemen don’t bother.

Swap Out Your Usual Products
To get the rest of the way, it’s time to winterize the rest of your grooming regimen. Since you’re fighting dryness, you want to keep as many of your natural oils as possible, which will mean giving some of your more astringent products a rest. If you’re using a gritty facial scrub, for instance, you may want to throw it in the closet until March—or at least switch to every other week. Instead, exfoliate with a cream-based cleanser like this one, which will leave most of your natural oils intact. And even though it’s cold out there, showering with warm (not hot) water will keep your skin in much better shape.

Humidify, Humidify
If you’re still drying out, it may be time to bring in the big guns: a humidifier. Setting up a mister like this one will do a surprising amount for your skin—with the added benefit of making your bedroom feel like the tropics. If you have trouble sticking to a product regimen, it’s a perfect plan B.