Learning My Geographer

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Photo Credit: Courtesy Geographer

Although the San Francisco based trio Geographer may have entered a lane that’s moving all too fast, the working elements of this band look kindly upon overawing potential –and who could nonchalantly overlook any front man who stands behind the mic as a multi-instrumentalist?

Geogrpapher's, Mike Deni’s vocals vicariously hover over layers of strings and synths with a measure of poise that runs afoul to the otherwise mess of pining confessions. Their most recent EP Animal Shapes definitely broke ground in terms in evolving from the complicatedness of genres. In fact, I’m still not even sure what I would call it besides “brilliant” and “ridiculously catchy.” Each track buzzes from one to the next in a slew of 8-bit chords and Brian Ostreicher’s maiden drum kicks, all the while, and in perfect fifths, charming cellist Nathan Blaz bows in-and-out with elegant composition that quintessentially holds every aspect of their sound together.

MP3 Geographer – Kites
MP3 Geographer – Verona

Buy Animal Shapes EP on Tricycle Records.

Photo credit: Victoria Smith