Mad Rad Gets In Your Brain - It’s Sick

by Staff SOURCE Mad Rad / Vimeo
Photo Credit: Rabid Child Images

Mad Rad’s music is a combination of hip hop, electro, dance, newer wave, and face melting rock and roll. Seattle based MC’s Buffalo Madonna, P Smoov, Terry Radjaw, and DJ Darwin swarm a stage.

Shows gyrate. Rooms are taken, in sweat, flesh, and heat. It’s a swell. Get in. Give in. Be hunted, spill blood. Hunt back. Spear a Puma. Get laid. Howler monkeys swing through canopy level strobes. 

At the heart is P Smoov’s production: icy, beat driven compositions that build and build then break hard and clean. Synthesizers tightly arpeggiate, then unfold, gain, and get dirty. The Youth Die Young is Mad Rad’s second full length. The songs see the band refining, reflecting, and examining lost minds. It’s the morning after. What happened? Why? It’s a bullet proof confessional. 

Mad Rad; solving the energy crisis in a city near you. Make noise. Break bread. Break hearts. Love is better loud.