MOSSLESS Mazgaine Books It

Photo Credit: Nat Ward

You can help make one of the biggest indie photo books ever.

MOSSLESS has put out just two issues of its magazine, and for its third issue, the new photography publishing outfit is putting out a book–a very large book. With 550 photographs by more than 100 American photographers, it will fill more than 280 pages. It might be the largest independent photography publication ever made. And it is being made possible by the help of hundreds of individuals through Kickstarter (and for full disclosure, the first Kickstarter has ever donated to.)

photo credit Nguan

photo credit Paul d'Amato

photo credit Sebastian Collett

photo credit Ilona Szwarc

photo credit Dan Boardman

photo credit Caitlin Teal Price

photo credit Geoffrey Ellis

photo credit Bryan Schumaat

photo credit Timothy Briner