Nautica Gets Wind Behind Its FW2014 Black Sail Line

by JA | Gil Melott SOURCE MBFW
Photo Credit: Nautica

Black Sail, by Nautica is right on the money.

In a year when there is a strong trend toward textured sweatpant variations, parkas in all shapes and sizes and optimizing the outdoor lifestyle, Black Sail, by Nautica is right on the money.

Yet they have managed to find the balance through designer Chris Cox, between fashion and Nautica's brand heritage, all without losing its technical roots.

The modern take comes through in techno nylons used in bomber jackets and carbon-waxed coatings on jackets. Other significant elements included strong sweaters, some with the added twist of leather and the modern take of colorblocked pants in waterproof wool and carbon nylon hoodies. It is both nod to the old and a wink at the new. The reactions are stong both ways.