Never Shout Never: Sing Cheater Cheater Best Friend Eater

by JA SOURCE JA / Myspace

Never Shout Never is like a perfect emo storm. Like many of his predecessors, this acoustic emo "band" is really one guy, namely the young Christofer Ingle.

Growing up in Jopin, Mo. (more emo cred: an atypical hometown; bonus points for the Midwest), he started making music in high school, eventually dropping out to pursue his career full-time. Next up? MySpace stardom, of course. The tracks Ingle posted to his page and, especially, his growing online fan base stoked a major-label bidding war. Clinching the deal (and his emo essence) was Ingle's 2008 debut EP, Yippee, which was featured in Hot Topic stores. In 2009, he signed with Warner and entered the studio to begin work on his first full-length album. Just getting started, tats included.