New Song: Florence + The Machine, ‘Shake It Out’

by Jason Newman SOURCE MTV / Soundcloud
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Last month, operatic belter Florence Welch and her titular Machine returned with the sweeping, epic "What the Water Gave Me" and dropped a few hints on her upcoming album, now christened Ceremonials.

But now word comes that "Water" was merely a "taster track" -- we don't know what that means either -- and the REAL lead single, "Shake It Out," has arrived.

"Regrets collect like old friends/Here to relive your darkest moments," Florence sings. The mid-tempo track still features a stadium-worthy hook, yet tilts more toward rock ballad than the catchy vibe of "Water." We're not complaining. In another time, "Shake It Out" would've played over the end credits of a John Hughes film, but as it stands, we can picture thousands of people swaying left to right in unison when this one comes on.

Ceremonials will be released in the UK on October 31 on Island Records and in the U.S in November on Universal Republic.

Florence + The Machine - Shake it Out by Artur Cunha