Once Again With Vigor | Jack Spade AW11 Clothing

by Michael Williams SOURCE A Continuous Lean

When Jack Spade was moving from selling just bags and accessories to also offering apparel, the company put forward a small selection of clothing (suits) that were sized small, medium and large. I can say with little hesitation that this attempt at quirkiness was one of the most appalling things I have come to witness in my short existence in the world of menswear.

Maybe I am being too harsh; utterly appalling and disgusting would be another way to describe it. To be completely honest, I was sad and embarrassed that some idiot would actually come up with this idea. Further, I was disturbed that another, altogether different group of idiots would let it actually happen. Well we all make mistakes, and these mistakes only open the door for redemption. That’s how I see it anyway.

As it happens, redemption has arrived for fall and it is pictured herein. To quote the only acceptable Ben Affleck movie: “The faculty have answered, and answered with vigor.”

Yesterday Jack Spade unveiled its new collection of suiting, which is being made entirely in Haverhill, Massachusetts at Southwick. It is a beautiful thing that the people at Jack Spade have done, and for this I applaud them.

To show off the fine collection of clothing the company tapped the very talented Designer and Art Director Mr. JP Williams, someone who I admire very much. In addition to being a very skilled designer and artist, JP is one of the most particular and voracious collectors of random stuff that I have ever met. JP studied under Paul Rand at Yale and could be one of the coolest guys I have had the privilege of meeting in New York. If you came to our Pop Up Flea a few years ago you may remember him from his awesome stand of great things that he had come to terms with letting leave his life. Acquiring is the easy part, letting go is difficult.

The new Jack Spade clothing collection is hitting the company’s ever expanding cluster of stores for fall 2011, so it is most likely in the shops now. Much respect to the good folks over there for doing things right. Redemption has never looked so good.