Phantogram’s “Don’t Move” Impossible Not To

by Staff SOURCE Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good
Photo Credit: Barsuk Records

Phantogram delivered an outstanding debut last year with Eyelid Movies and quickly became an underground sensation.

Now the upstate New York-based trip-hop duo are prepping some new material (in the form of a mini-LP called Nightlife), with the first taste being the marvelous “Don’t Move”. The track features the band’s signature sleek guitar riffs and Sarah Barthel’s intoxicating vocals while enthusiastically moving in a poppier direction with slick, cut-up electronic beats and dynamic synth / horn stabs accenting a truly entrancing melody. If the band keeps banging out exceptional tracks like these, they won’t stay underground for long.

don't move : mp3 from Nightlife

Nightlife is due out November 1st. Pre-order it at Barsuk Records.