Pop Prodigy Tom Vek Talks About Smokin’ Video

by Staff / JA SOURCE Nowness

A cast of bright young things gives new meaning to conspicuous consumption in Tom Vek's latest video "Aroused."

Directed by Saam Farahmand, "It's a nod to the way in which smoking is used heavily and quite innocently in art and fashion," says the indie music anti-hero. "In the video, it represents feelings of being overwhelmed and extremities—both of which tie in with the sentiment of the album." Released earlier this year, Vek's sophomore effort Leisure Seizure marked the end of a five-year mysterious hiatus for the self-taught multi-instrumentalist, and sees him hone a more controlled interpretation of the much-adored inventive pop that marked his 2005 debut, We Have Sound.

How did the concept come about?
It was a blank canvas for Saam, and ironically it is an idea I wished I'd had, so I'm pleased it was for my track.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Saam?
We are friends and we argue about films a lot, so it seemed a good idea to risk destroying our relationship and invite him to direct a music video. 

What is the connection with the song and the words that feature?
Saam has preoccupations with fashion's self-awareness in the 1990s and how it forced personality and character to the surface. He asked me to develop "couture propaganda" that harmonized with the song and the album's sensibilities, which is where the text in the video comes from.

What makes a music video stand out?
I've always maintained that a music video that can be described in one sentence will help people digest and pass it on.