Reading Between The Lights

by Staff SOURCE Dornob
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ragip Erdem

Much as we may want to preserve classic hardcovers forever, there simply is not enough shelf space to save every last book. For those less-fortunate volumes, though, there is a chance to turn the page and find a useful second life in projects like this recycled lighting series.

New York City designer of Ragip Erdem writes of his work: “As this medium is transforming into a digital entity, I think its physical parts; pages, covers and spines, may turn into sculpturesque icons. Exploiting this prospect, the Book Lamp attempts to radiate the substance of a book inside the room utilizing our mind’s inherent capacity to seek the meaning behind the symbol.”

Made more for mood than task lighting, the pages turn into de fact diffusers spaced out thinly around a central bulb. Like many custom book remakes, the custom topic can reflect personal interests (particularly picture-heavy art and travel books).

Each table and pendant lamp is unique and handmade, with library-worthy dark woods and glossy golden metal finishes making these nicely-suited accents for a traditional-style reading room.