Rival Sons Are Bangin’ On The Door

by Lindsey Darden SOURCE Beat Crave / YouTube
Photo Credit: Courtesy Rival Sons

Apparently, the unspoken creed of Rival Sons is that if it isn’t loud and in your face, then it isn’t worth your time. We’d like to agree.

The Los Angeles-based Rival Sons has built quite a following on said ‘belief system’, if we can call it that, because at the very least it is something they hold close to their hearts. Some bands have the benefit of working an overall ambient sound, so much that they could be singing the phone book and it wouldn’t matter. Others might as well have had Oscar Wilde penning their lyrics for them. In short, Rival Sons  – whose latest album, Pressure and Time, was released this month – is an amped up, beyond hard rockin’ manifestation of the two. They also have the decency to work a polished sheen so admirable that it could be argued it’s a self spit-shine job and not the work of over-over-producing. Long live the genuine article.