Sick Of Sarah? Naw, Sick Of Stereotypes.

by Danielle Meiss SOURCE Stereo Subversion
Photo Credit: Courtesy Sick Of Sarah

All-girl or female-fronted bands of recent music history fulfill the same stereotype time and time again. The music is okay, sure, but nothing phenomenal by any means.

The focus is much less on the music and more on the attractiveness of the lead singer, with an occasional nod to an inspiration of “girl power” to impressionable young girls. With such few decent female-fronted bands in the first place, even less make a significant mark on the indie music scene.

Sick of Sarah’s manages to not get stuck in the rut of that stereotype. Although comparisons to the same generic set of girl groups are inevitable, 2205 is a unique take on the classic pop-rock album. The album shines in particular with musically softer songs that bring out the strength in singer Abisha Uhl’s vocals.