T-Pain: “5 O’Clock” Somewhere Someone’s Grindin’ [NSFW]

by Tom SOURCE Stereogum / YouTube

The latest single from robo-R&B star T-Pain features a slightly unlikely sample: Lily Allen’s It’s Not Me, It’s You track “Who’d Have Known.”

In fact, the song samples her so heavily that she gets a “featuring” credit on it. T-Pain practically spends the entire song singing along with her song, so it’s only fair. Sadly, Lily does not show up in the video for the song, which instead features T-Pain wandering around what appears to be Amsterdam while some barely-seen girl lip-syncs Lily’s lyrics. We do, however, get to see Wiz Khalifa busting a guest verse and wearing the worst sweater in the history of sweaters. So there’s that. Watch it below.