The Best Of Both Worlds | Levis x Filson

by Michael Williams SOURCE A Continuous Lean

File this under, better late than never. A few weeks back I got to check out the new items from the second round of Levi’s x Filson collaboration.

I went to a little preview for the collection and liked what I saw. Afterwards I got to thinking and wanted to check our the items in person and post some pictures — which you are now finally seeing. All in all, I think this new collab capsule is a nice update to the previous co-labeled goods. The Hunter Trucker is a definite winner in terms of concept and execution. In person the shelter cloth looks a lot more olive than it appears on the Filson website (which looks more sage to me). Also included in the collaboration is a Tin Cloth Sawtooth shirt, a slubby-denim looking hunting vest and a pair of Tin Cloth 505s.

After the Hunter Trucker — which again, is awesome — I liked the 505s the best. I wear USA-made 505s a lot and this is, in my opinion, a smart combo between Filson fabrics and Levi’s styles. (It should also be said that I do some work with Levi’s at my day job — but they didn’t pay me to write about this and the collabs are not a project I work on. But nonetheless, full disclosure and all that good stuff.) It’s cool to see interesting products come out of a partnership between two very old and very iconic companies. If I had to put together a dream combination of companies, I don’t know if this would be very far down the list. That makes me think, if I was in-charge of doing this program what would I do? Who would you pair together? It’s a fun game to play and I’m interested to hear what you guys have to say. Who’s your dream collaboration?