“The Chase” Is On For Illy: A Hot Pursuit

by Staff / JA SOURCE Obnoxious Owl
Photo Credit: Jolie-Nicole

After minutes when chatting with Illy you realize that he is not your average member of the Australian hip hop world.

Illy has relative and thought provoking things to say and while he is no stranger to the treats and parties that come with the world in which he has become a solid player , it is not what he is all about and he is, as they say, IN it and not OF it. I think that unlike many, Al (real name innit) is building his house on the rocks rather than the sand...what with four months away from finishing his law degree (!) and conducting himself in a manner which both earns him respect for his integrity as well as for being no stranger in getting loose.  This approach I think definitely comes through in his music. Like, I am the only real hip hop lover amongst my large ish group of very indie/electro loving friends. These guys, who would usually turn their little hipster noses up to most Aus hip hop, have always made Illy an exception.