The National: “Rylan”/“I Need My Girl”

by Staff SOURCE Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good / YouTube
Photo Credit: The National

The National debuted two songs on Canadian Public Radio this week, and seeing that they are incapable of making anything less then spectacular, the tracks are predictably amazing.

The first is called “Rylan”, a classic-sounding National ballad like “Start A War” or “Runaway” with stately piano chords, swelling guitar and Matt Berninger’s moving baritone. The folky “I Need My Girl” is perhaps even more interesting, with acoustic guitar that sounds a bit like the finger-picked outro of “Impossible Soul” (which if you remember, Bryce Dressner performed with Sufjan earlier this year). I Am Fuel You Are Friends was nice enough to post the MP3s which I’ve included below.

MP3 The National – Rylan

MP3 The National – I Need My Girl

The band also performed High Violet closer “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks” with the so-hot-right-now Justin Vernon.