The POOLSIDE Music Mix From Paradise & Nikolic

by Staff SOURCE Groove Effect

Jeffrey Paradise and Filip Nikolic have been working together out of their LA poolhouse to bring you their collaboration project, Poolside music. Bring out the oil and someone to rub it on... Summer is days away.

The duo has released two mixtapes on Soundcloud as a perfect soundtrack to either a relaxing daytime hangout, or a more upbeat but still summertime appropriate night.

Poolside call themselves daytime disco and definitely let you unwind and relax while grooving to their mellow 70s inspired sounds. Paradise, an electro remix dj who runs "Americas Best Party," Blowup SF, has moved in a more mature direction towards Poolside's mellow sound, truly living the best of both worlds.

After a fun performance at the Vestal Village pool party at Coachella I was hooked on Poolside and kept hoping to find the downtempo but addicting disco beats elsewhere and have been disappointed. I hope the two take advantage of the Summer environment and tour!

Daytime Mixtape

Night Mixtape