Two Door Cinema Club Coolest AV Group In School

by Gil Melott SOURCE JA / YouTube

If you took a group of Irish boys, told them to mix together the pop sensibilities of All American Rejects and Phoenix, then for good measure throw in the insanely catchy beats of !!! and a little zest of Postal Service and you’ll probably find Two Door Cinema Club.

Together for two years, but old chums from school, TDCC released their first EP in 2008, entitled "Four Words To Stand On", available only in Ireland and selling out straight away, alluding to greater things beyond their Irish home. 

March 2009 sees the release of the band’s debut UK single "Something Good Can Work" via Kitsune. Produced by Lexx, (Bjork, Little Boots), the band's sound is often compared to the likes of The Postal Service, Vampire Weekend and Broken Social Scene - huge soaring guitars and big vocal harmonies over crisp electronic drum beats. Last year the band released its first full length, Tourist History and has been playing in larger venues and bringing on the Irish beats in a hot syncopated, hypnotic pulse that has captured new crowds worldwide.