Vivienne Westwood: Not So Tightly Wound Redhead Delivers Eclectic Menswear

by Staff SOURCE Denimology / Vimeo
Photo Credit: Courtesy Westwood

In one of our previous Milano fashion week posts we already gave you a peek into the new Vivienne Westwood Man Label but what always gives that special something to a new Vivienne collections must be the unique theme she and Andreas manage to work into the designs.



Often inspired by Britain this time the upcoming Olympics was more than a good reason to dedicate the Spring Summer 2012 collection to the event by creating a wardrobe for a true gentleman sportsman

Models already awarded with their laurel wreaths were transformed into true modern day Olympians stomping to the empowering beats their hair and make up made you think they are dripping in sweat and rushing to get their medal. They sported a multitude of looks from casual trouser and tshirt to the flawlessly tailored suits displaying a wardrobe ready for any occasion.

Olympics are a magical thing and Dame Vivienne and Andreas made sure to let us know we should Dress Up!