We Barbarians, We Like You.

by Gil Melott SOURCE JA / Vimeo

At first blush We Barbarians are a "sound" you may have heard before with influences from some of the best bands of the past decade, as well as other, older influences. But don't mistake that as a bad thing.

The first and the last track of the latest EP Headspace are two of my favorites and maybe the strongest. With guitar riffs reminsicent of Arcade Fire's "Wake Up"  to There’s an opening guitar that reminds you of Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” to blended sounds of U2, New Order and The Other Two. And when David Quon belts out slow, powerful vocal lines, it sits in their sweet spot.

Even if there is a SLIGHT lack of originality, We Barbarians have produced a very good EP.  “Strange Overtones”, for example, takes on something of the Echo and the Bunnymen sound without stealing it. “Stroke by Stroke”, slowed down, might be Vampire Weekend-ish, but again, it’s very much its own song. Given everything that comes with “respectful use,” Headspace takes on a sense of depth that’s quite rare for an EP.

Everything on the EP has a purpose and every note has a place. We like that.