Women Know About The Men’s Room

by Timothy Schroeder SOURCE Standard Luxe
Photo Credit: Lonny Magazine

Surprisingly the female-centric online shelter magazine, Lonny Magazine knows how to design s space that is suitable for a single man. In their July/August issue, they walked any man reading the article through how to decorate his space that will make him feel like he is still man and not an extension of his sister or girlfriend.

The apartment itself was a loft space, so space was limited but the amount of style surly exceeded the square-footage. The basic ideas of less is more was a main design scheme, but also tips about organizing, displaying grown-up art, and not necessarily utilizing every space for which it was originally created were also mottos in the design. I have to say one of my favorite tips by Lonny was displaying your dressing accessories out in the open. Laying your watches or cufflinks on a table, as opposed to inside a drawer is a nice way to remind you about them (I tend to forget what I have when I don't look at them everyday), and it also gives that much more interest in the room. I also appreciated that Lonny gave permission to go a little crazy and not use the dining room for dining. If you're like me, a single guy in the city, I'm not eating at home all that often, so why would I need a dining table? They say  don't worry about setting up a traditional dining space, use the table however you'd like, but be able to pull out a couple of chairs and plates when you have guests. Everything from personalized accessories to customized spaces, Lonny Magazine showed a guy what's up.