Wooden Shjips Float

by JA / Stereogum SOURCE Stereogum / Vimeo
Photo Credit: Thrill Jockey Records

Brooklyn art-music crew Black Dice have directed the newest video for San Fransisco space-rock stompers Wooden Shjips.

San Francisco native, Wooden Shjips, the leading peddlers of psych, takes us on a little evening stroll on the U.S. west coast with the appropriate title of the new album, West. After being around for more than five years, Wooden Shjips is finally releasing their first studio-recorded full-length, but it's the third one in order. The record is a metaphorical journey steeped in 60's and 70's psychedelic rock, with long, melodic guitar tunes and vague song that faithful Wooden Shjips beings. This is at times wonderfully minimalist monotone which for some reason turns me on. Black Dice’s clip for “Lazy Bones” is a dense and hyperactive barrage of bright colors and random white-noise imagery, and it’ll make your eyes hurt and your brain feel like warm mud. Watch it and grab the track below.