X Just Might Mark The Spot

by Amanda Hensel SOURCE Popcrush
Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw, FOX via Getty Images

We don't usually cover things like this, but after watching this video of Chris Rene, 'X Factor' contestant for a fourth time I was still moved by the story, the lyrics and performance. Okay, so we like a good story.

Chris Rene will tell you that things haven’t been easy for him in the past. The ‘X Factor‘ rising star is 28, fresh out of rehab, where he battled his addiction to hard drugs. Now, he’s ready to turn things around and put his inarguable music talent to good use, which he hopes not only will put his name in lights, but help him put food on the table for his toddler.

Before hitting the ‘X Factor’ stage, the Santa Cruz, Calif. native was a trash collector, just trying to make it by for his son, but struggling immensely with his addiction to cocaine and methamphetamine. Chris has been clean for a few months now, and it’s clear that his new high will be his success — he got through his ‘X’ audition with four yeses after performing an inspirational original song called ‘Young Homie.’

While Chris is a new face in the industry, his sister Gina Rene is also a hip-hop songwriter, and penned a track for the ‘Mean Girls’ soundtrack. Now, she acts as the lead singer for the electronica group Soulstice, which also features Chris’ brother Gabriel. The Rene kids are products of Googie Rene, a 50s/60s jazz and soul singer — so it’s evident that musical talent runs thick in the Rene blood.

As for where he’s headed, Chris says, “I want to be on stages … Playing for people. Making money.” With L.A. Reid, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and even Simon Cowell on his side, we have no doubt that this hip-hop fresh face will go far.