You Are What You Eat: What’s In Your Fridge?

by Peter Vallas SOURCE Trendhunter
Photo Credit: Stephanie de Rouge (Aurora in Paris)

France-born photographer Stephanie de Rouge is a creative photographer who uses her photos to tell stories without words.

Having recently moved to New York City a few years ago, Stephanie de Rouge has used her time as a freelance photographer for the New York Times to explore her creativity.

The latest project from Stephanie de Rouge, In Your Fridge, is a similar series to her past two, In Your Room and On Your Roof. Each of these series captures a collection of subjects and their personal attributes in their homes. For In Your Fridge, Stephanie de Rouge opened up over 45 fridges from New York to Paris to see the eating habits people have and the unique objects they keep in their fridge.

2. Sharmen (analyst). In the refrigerator, it keeps the Barbie doll in a sort of "altar", which, according to Sharmen, is the altar of love for her husband Mark. Couple lives in New York.

3. Monique (retired). Lives in Paris.

4. Michael Craw (painter) and his wife Muriel (German teacher). Live in Paris.

5. Yvette (housewife), her husband, Tobias (Information Security Consultant) and their four children - Cassandra Nova, Olivia and Timati.

6. Benjamin (Director of Strategic Development) and Edwin (independent consultant). Live in Brooklyn, New York.

7. Michael, the chief accountant, Faina, auditor, and their children - Adrian, and Arman. Live in Paris.

8. Marie, a schoolteacher from Paris.

9. Fred, a painter from Brooklyn.

10. Francis, owner of the cafe, and Josephine, actress, director and manages the theater. Living in the French town of San-Ouen (Saint-Ouen).

11. Thierry, an actor from Paris.

12. Pierre, a journalist from Paris.

13. Lucy (student), Eric (student), Luke (the student), Mahmoud (medic), Cedric (student), Elaine (student). Live in Brooklyn.

14. Timothy, Head of the restaurant. He lives in Brooklyn.

15. Blandin (housewife), Juliette and Gabrielle. Live in New York.

16. Edwin, a writer. He lives in Brooklyn.

17. Salah (waiter), Elizabeth (homemaker) and Hyatt (Agent Immigration Service). Live in Queens, New York.

18. Korentin (university lecturer), Jerome (commercial director), Vivienne (control), Kadafi (owner), Tina (au pair au pair), Armenia (broker), Maja (student), Greg (University professor), Sutisa (student ), Benjamin (marketing director), Cecil (pr-manager in the fashion industry), Jeremy (the student). Live in New Jersey.

19. Hiroyoku (reporter). He lives in Queens.