You’ve Got Your Nerves Junior

by Staff SOURCE Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good / Vimeo
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nerves Junior

Nerves Junior’s As Bright As Your Night Light has been receiving rave reviews from the some of my favorite internet stops like We Listen For You, Consequence of Sound, Pretty Much Amazing, and My Old Kentucky Blog.

After listening to the album over the weekend, I’ll happily throw my hat in the ring. I’ve been continuously impressed with how ambitious and progressive this band is. You may not expect a new band out of Lexington, KY to be garnering widespread comparisons to Radiohead, but the similarities are definitely there, especially in the effects-heavy lead guitar and the adventurous electronic beats (it’s definitely an album you’ll want a good pair of headphones for).

Nerves Junior’s latest single “Kale” is the biggest highlight on the album and feels like a melting pot of the band’s best qualities, beginning with a deep synth riff and stunning electronics the band careens through an inventive and unpredictable sonic landscape. The track is held together by lead singer’s Cory Wayne tuneful baritone and a mesmerizing melody and it climaxes with a massive, soaring guitar solo that one-ups everything before it. Check out “Kale” as well as the infectious, densely layered title track “As Bright As Your Night Light” below and watch the music video for “Kale” (directed by WLFY’s Zach Hart). Grab the album at Nerve Junior’s bandcamp.