FEATURE Ben Matravers And The Buskers (Shirli Ainsworth & Tom Roach)

Exclusive Speed Round: Getting The Info From Ben Matravers and The Buskers

by Gil Melott
Ben Matravers and The Buskers are an exciting new trio from Leeds. Ben's already established songwriting is now joined by the talented Tom Roach, Shirli Ainsworth. Tagged as one of the bands to watch coming out of the music rich UK, get in line early... because eventually, there will be lines.

The Lost Soul by Ben Matravers And The Buskers

1. What the hell is a Busker?
We've all done a bit of busking (street performance or busking is the practice of performing in public places, for gratuities, which are generally in the form of money and edibles - JA is totally using that word five times today...) in our time... and we've played for free far more times than that so we thought it fit nicely!

2. You were a solo act and now you have added some guys from your university to form a group - why the change?
I was getting a bit fed up of not being able to play some of my recorded stuff live - theres only so much I could do by myself. Tom and Shirli both play all sorts of things so we can mix it up a bit on stage and keep the sound as diverse as possible. It just makes the sound a bit more interesting to be honest!  

3. When you write music do you have any rituals to get you started?
Not really, most of the good stuff is written by accident. Its changed a bit since the band formed though - Tom and Shirli both add a lot to the sound and nothing gets finished without them!

4. Why so long in getting your second group of songs out?
I don't really know - we've been playing a lot of new songs live. We're going to demo about thirty songs for the album next year - we've been testing them at gigs but just haven't got round to recording them. I can only apologise.

5. Last great band you said 'damn, I want people to feel this way when they hear my stuff!'.
Probably the John Butler Trio - there's just no one like them. Theres an album called Grand National that everyone should have! 

6. Place where you want to perform the most that is a marker for success.
I'd love to play at Clapton's Crossroads Festival... (click link for US airing of the festival tonight June 6, 2011 on PBS!) We all love to dream! Back in the real world... I'd like to be a regular feature at a few small festivals at some point - thats the aim at the moment... to be honest I'm happy playing anywhere with a friendly audience though...

7. Beer, Whiskey, Milk or Energy Drink? Or are they all the same?
Tea. So much tea.

8. What will make people say 'hey, that's a Ben Matravers & The Buskers song/sound.'?
Its hard to say myself - apart from mixing I never sit down and listen to my own stuff - its just too weird! I reckon thats for everyone else to descide - you'll have to listen to the new track and decide for yourself!! 

"The Lost Soul" is up for free from benmatraversandthebuskers.co.uk
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