Adorned: Tattoo Artistic Expressionists

by Matt Ho SOURCE Trendhunter / Vimeo
Photo Credit: Maelle Andre

Director Evan Dennis has directed an inspiring short video entitled NY Adorned Tradition, which will bring a new perspective to the culture of tattooing.

The beautifully shot NY Adorned Tradition black-and-white clip starts off by capturing the cityscape of the Big Apple. The audience is then taken to the shop of NY Adorned, showing the crew of NY Adorned putting some of the most impressive tattoos on their clients. As this happens, a voiceover narrates the meaning of tattoos, shedding new light on this often-misunderstood artistic medium.

Those familiar with NY Adorned will know that the shop is extremely versatile in various styles of tattooing, whether traditional or modern. It’s good to see that Evan Dennis has captured the crew at work, offering a true insight into what they do.