BIg D Shows A+ Spots For 2011

by Editors SOURCE D Magazine

D Home editors have picked their most favorite things ever. Or at least their most favorite until next year.

We came. We gathered. We argued. We now present to you the very best in stores, artisans, events, food, grocery, comebacks, new digs, florists, fabric, wallpaper & trends. You can see the entire list of Dallas' best bets HERE.

Best Smelling Store

Grange Hall, we come to you for a variety of reasons. We like the taxidermied animals. We’re quite fond of your greeting card selection. And we love the coffee table books filled with naked people. But the main reason we stick around for so long is that Cire Trudon display. Those candles smell like what we imagine heaven to smell like, and they make looking at books of naked people that much nicer.