Blizzard Stands Still In Photography Of Navid Baraty

by Michael Johnson SOURCE The Savile

Photojournalist Navid Baraty posted some gorgeous pictures on the Behance Network of the monstrous snow storm that hit New York City in January.

In hindsight, a blizzard of this scale is a walk in the park compared to recent events in Japan and New Zealand, but judging by these photos it brought the city to a standstill nonetheless. An internationally-acclaimed photographer, Baraty has worked with a number of publications, including National Geographic and Men's Journal. His portfolio focuses a great deal on epic natural landscapes, and he's developed a real penchant for capturing the spirit of each setting. With the storm as his muse and Brooklyn's Park Slope as his setting, his treatment of light and composition really grasps winter's tug-of-war between hostility and stunning beauty. 

Photo credit: Navid Baraty