Couch Surfing: Strangers On Your Couch…

by JACKarcher SOURCE JACKarcher

Have you noticed all the sites giving cheap alternatives for travelers? We searched these sites and have contemplated sleeping on someone's couch or staying in their extra bedroom in the past. We decided against it only because of its sheer awkwardness – but what about the poor couch owners?

Unique sites like Couch Surfing and AirBnB allow customers to travel on the cheap while staying on someone's couch or in their spare bedroom. They're a great alternative to a hotel at a fraction of the price. It also allows the traveler to get inside information on the city from the host. Seemingly a win-win situation!

Thinking about it more, we don't think we could ever host a couch surfer. Would you ever host a couch surfer or allow a stranger to stay in your guest room?

Photo credit: Flickr user mandiberg, licensed for use by Creative Commons