Hell Hath No Fury Like An Artist’s Eye

by Alex Milner / The New Pop SOURCE Hypebeast / VIMEO

Anthony Michael Sneed is a multi-platform visual artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. As a small child, Sneed suffered an accident that crushed his right hand, permanently disabling its use and thereby forcing him to become ambidextrous.

The implications of being right handed and switching to left as a result of this trauma and the plausible impact it has on his right versus left brain functions fascinates Sneed and inspires inquiry into how that has translated in his work. Legos, video games, and even the arts and craft association of the artist's process are derivative of Sneed's childhood memories. Michael let’s nothing between himself and his thoughts.

For many this video will act as an introduction to Anthony Michael Sneed, a multi-platform artist who often incorporates early ’80s 8-bit video game aesthetics into his work. The clip features several contemporary art commentators who give their account on what Sneed and his artworks are all about. Fans will recognize the latter half of the film which was created during Sneed’s recent “Hell for Hire” exhibition where his controversial 9/11 work was displayed. Enjoy!