It’s Alive And In My Size

by Andreas SOURCE Superfuture

Wearable Art takes on a whole new meaning with the ALIVESHOES Project.

© aliveshoes - square one at the aliveshoes pop-up store

With a playful interactive formula and a presence both offline and online, aliveshoes introduces pop-up store 2.0 and is ready to conquer the planet. downtown amsterdam was picked as the location of the first pop-up store edition and has already attracted a slew of hipsters. so what’s the deal? it all revolves around aliveshoes‘ hi-top sneaker, made in italy from the finest eco-friendly materials and available in 11 striking colours. but this is a shoe on a very contemporary mission: of course it’s there simply to be sold, but there’s an additional playful interactive component that strongly appeals to today’s cyber generation.

For each edition local artists are invited to create art works at the pop-up store that incorporate the aliveshoes sneaker. but once the art installation is over, these shoes will be sold off separately as limited-edition trophies. by snapping up any pair you can join the aliveshoes online community and enter a game by uploading photos and videos of you and your shoes. by doing so, you don’t only earn points, access newer levels and win prizes, but you’re also connected to a like-minded social network that spans the globe! the aliveshoes pop-up store will be operational until February 28th and will open up next in berlin. location: heiligeweg 7 [centrum].

© aliveshoes - an eclectic fusion of sneakers, gaming, social networking and innovative art