No More Big Fat Lies: Losing It The Right Way

by Kristian Laliberte SOURCE Refinery 29

Take a Grande (maybe Venti) hangover, add some eh orange chicken, and mix in a giant red Gatorade—you can pretty much guarantee Jillian Michaels would be less than thrilled.

We weren't feeling too guilty about today's intake until we spotted The Selby's T Magazine shoot of the Juice Press. The cult organic spot (raw-food salads, main courses, and juices) is a celebrity haven, with Moby, Kate Hudson, and Terry Richardson downing their good stuff like it's Patron. The shots, including several close-ups of owner Marcus Antebi, make healthy look soooo good, and the contents of our stomach sooo...bad.

Click through to see a couple choice pics, and go over to T Magazine to see the whole story. 
Photo credit: T Magazine Edible Selby