The Shop That’s Good To The Last Drop

by JA SOURCE JA / Vimeo

It's always nice to take a souvenir home from the bar, weather it be a beermat, a fancy pint glass, or a person you fancy only because you've already made such good use of said pint glass. For a bar that lets you take everything with you, hit The Shop NW10, now open in London. Come hither Shop NW10 across the pond!

THE SHOP is all about cocktails in Jam-Jars & Milk bottles. It's about localy sourced Bar Food. It's about locally choice Music, Photography & Art.

The scene: Capping Kensal Rise’s meteoric rise from rough around the edges to actually quite trendy, The Shop is a new arrival on the north-west drinking scene, combining the laidback vibe of your corner store with the upscale commitment 
to quality that might otherwise lure you further afield.

The grub: Still a work in progress but the British tapas is a great start, with a full menu to come. Like the rest of the place, it promises to deliver on the staples while adding its own twist.

Behind the bar: The owners clearly enjoy a drop, such is the loving attention they’ve paid to assembling a top-notch drinks list. You can build your own Bloody Mary – an idea so brilliant it’s a wonder no one else has done it before – or work your way through the custom-made cocktails served innovatively in recycled jams jars. 
It’s that kind of joint. Kitsch with class.

Bill please: It depends how much you drink, but cocktails start at £3.50 and beers are all reasonably priced. So settle in to take advantage of central London style served at local watering hole prices.