Where Can You Get A Drink Around Here? San Francisco

by Staff SOURCE World's Best Bars
Photo Credit: Flickr

Given its almost absurdly iconic vistas (the Golden Gate Bridge, the trams of Nob Hill), it is easy to understand why San Francisco is one of the most visited cities in the Western Hemisphere.

One of the most liberal places in the United States - the gay community is highly visible, yet fully integrated, hand guns are illegal and its Chinatown is home to the highest percentage of Chinese outside of Asia - it is a city that evokes an infectious pride and passion in those who live there. Though it has a climate that is, at best, unpredictable, it has thousands of acres of stunning parkland and a disproportionate wealth of art galleries and museums. Its nightlife too is something to behold.

From Chinatown to the Mission District, San Francisco possesses an amazing sense of variety, and the wholesome touristy parts of town do not seem at all at odds with the more permissive, wilder and hedonistic personality of this truly global North Californian gem. Here are some of the top places to gater for a cocktail in San Francisco.
 WISH, San Francisco
Optimistically-named lounge bar on Folsom with more than a touch of San Francisco colour in its clientele…Discover WISH
Anu, San Francisco
Strange mish-mash of a spot, part Mexican restaurant, part Irish pub, but just as big on infused vodkas and classic twist…Discover Anu
Martuni's, San Francisco
The name is a distortion of martini and if you taste a few of their straight-up specials you'll be doing quite a bit of distorting…Discover Martuni's
Matrix, San Francisco
In what was once the Pierce Street Annex this bar has already built up quite a fan club…Discover Matrix