Things Under My ‘Hood - Slice Of Seattle

by Allecia Vermillion
Heading to Seattle? Don't miss this emerging 'hood... Spotlight: Georgetown


Airport Way is a rather prosaic name for the main drag of an up-and-coming area, especially one with a reputation for design. However, it makes sense in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, lying five miles south of downtown and tucked in alongsideBoeing’s giant airfield and busy Interstate 5. Once an independent city, Georgetownthrived in part thanks to a giant local brewing complex that produced the region’s RainierBeer. Today a network of reclaimed furniture stores, coffee shops, galleries and beerbars breathe new life into this previously charmless expanse of industrial brick buildings.One of the city’s most respected chefs even opened a restaurant here in 2008, its elegantsurroundings a sharp contrast to the flatbed trucks that clatter by and airplanes flying low overhead as they descend into Boeing field. It is this juxtaposition of artful and industrial that draws people to this laid-back part of the city.

Full-Throttle Bottles
5909 Airport Way S., 206-763-2079; fullthrottlebottles.com

Beer geeks trek from across the city to buy hard-to-find brews piled high in this
charmingly haphazard shop. The shelves boast plenty of Belgian beers, but the
emphasis here is on Pacific Northwest selections, particularly smaller breweries whose
product is tough to find outside of their tasting rooms. It’s also a great place to sample
Washington’s burgeoning cider movement.
Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings
5517 Airport Way S, 206-931-6208; kirkalbert.com
This shop, a mainstay of a budding furniture row, refurbishes, repurposes and re-
imagines salvaged items into attention-getting pieces. This isn’t the place for cheap thrift
store finds, but owner Kirk Albert likens his work to balsamic vinegar in a salad: just a
little bit is wonderful; too much will kill it.
Hangar Café
6261 13th Ave. S, 206-762-0204; thehangarcafe.com
Fling a plate from the front yard of this converted cottage and, with a little lift, you could
almost get it over the fence of neighboring Boeing field. On weekends, throngs seeking
sweet and savory crepes and a mean bacon, brie and basil waffle line up outside the door
of this intimate space.
Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery
1201 S. Vale St., 206-658-0110; fantagraphics.com
This longtime publisher of comics and graphic novels opened its Georgetown retail
store in 2006. The tucked-away space adjoins Georgetown Records, and the seemingly
endless collection fuels hours of browsing. Fantagraphics also hosts rotating art exhibits,
performances and events.
The Corson Building
5609 Corson Ave S., 206-762-3330; thecorsonbuilding.com
This bucolic Italianate villa stands out amidst the industrial surroundings, but inside,
chef Matt Dillon’s tiny dining room feels like a delicious secret. To dine here is to share
a single set menu with companions at a communal table, passing around family-style
dishes like lamb tartar or sea bass with creamed nettles.
Georgetown Brewing Company
5200 Denver Ave. S., 206-766-8055; georgetownbeer.com
The city of Georgetown sprang up in the shadow of the nearby brewing complex—at one
point the brewery superintendent reportedly served as both mayor and fire chief. Today a
beloved local microbrewery carries on the neighborhood’s beer tradition. Manny’s pale
ale is Seattle’s unofficial drinkin’ beer of choice, but you can also taste favorites like the
rich Georgetown porter and hoppy Chopper’s red ale.
  • Allecia Vermillion is a freelance writer, tremendous food nerd and editor of Seattlest.com. Hence it should come as no surprise that she lives in Seattle.