Frank The Butcher Is Grade A Peeps

by L. Ruano SOURCE Hypebeast / YouTube

Frank the Butcher has been a representative of Boston’s creative movement for years. First appearing as a co-host of the popular street culture podcast The Weekly Drop, and a writer for popular magazines, Frank bridged the gap between fans of street culture and its creatives long before it was the norm.

As the brand manager/designer for Concepts, Frank partnered with several key brands to produce some of the most popular collaborative shoe and apparel projects in the industry. With his Butcher’s Block company producing video and music content, and now being appointed Creative Director for the Boston-based Boylston Trading Company, Frank the Butcher is continuing his path of delivering quality product, no matter the medium.

They call me the Butcher because… of music production, originally. Cutting drum breaks & chopping samples. Today I apply the same mentality in different ways.. chopping up inspirations while creating, or I’m a serial killer.

I call Boston… diverse. Urban to suburb, university campus to ghetto and high-end to low-brow. All within walking distance.

Leaving Concepts was… bittersweet but necessary. I was blessed to be a part of its growth and success and even more blessed to be able to continue my growth after it. CNCPTS will always be in my blood.

Over the past few years, the streetwear game… has inspired, evolved, ate it’s young, spit them out and will continue to exist in one form or another.

My greatest achievement thus far… is finding a career in an industry I love without any formal training. Being able to support my family while being creative and loving what I do. I guess I know how Charlie Sheen feels… without the porn stars and drug binges.

For 2011… I see a rebellion brewing. People not necessarily convinced by certain trends and tired of looking the same. Out of conflict will rise individuality.

Collaborations on any front… only work when they are true creative partnerships between designers or a designer and a brand. The days of just slapping an “x” between names are over. People want more than just double billing.

My new project with Greg Selkoe involves… a combination of my passions. Product, design, lifestyle, partnerships, taking chances, introducing the new and reintroducing the classic.

Boots on the East Coast… are what board shorts are in So-Cal, a staple. If I could wear one shoe for the rest of my days it would be a crispy pair of 6″ Premium Wheat Timberland boots. #Timbs are FRANKMATIC.

The greatest perk as a creative… is to be around other creatives. I am blessed with being able to build with people that shaped this culture. Steel sharpens steel.