Give Em Liberty Cycles: Handcrafted Rides

by Michael Williams SOURCE A Continuous Lean / Vimeo
Photo Credit: Liberty

Adam Cramer of Liberty Cycles is someone who is concerned with the de-industrialization of America. And he's managing his piece of the problem one motorcycle at a time.

A motorcycle mechanic in Philadelphia for the past 25 years, Cramer, of Liberty Cycles, has what many would call an obsession with vintage motorcycles. Brooklyn-based craft-juggernaut Etsy produced a video about Liberty Cycles in which Cramer expresses concern that the younger generation of Americans will not be able to pick up the torch and continue America’s “can-do spirit.” 

In addition to being an entertaining interview and a walking sound bite, Cramer’s shop looks to be full of amazing motorcycles and their accoutrement, a third of which aren’t for sale because Adam can’t bear to let them go. He describes his passion for motorcycles as something that is more likened to a disease than a hobby or a job. This Liberty Cycles video is, in my mind, the equivalent of the most ornery episode of “Hoarders,” in which the well-worn subject spends the entire 22 minute show — amongst a wonderful selection of vintage motorcycles — pining for the industrial landscape of yesterday, all while holding dumb and dumber from American Pickers hostage in the back room of the garage. This is to say, basically, that Cramer is a true patriot and he ought to have his own TV show so Junior and Senior can fade back into obscurity where they belong.