I Get High With A Little Help From My Friends

by friendsofthehighline SOURCE YouTube

There has been a resurgence of cities reclaiming decaying and underused sections of their neighborhoods and “giving” them back to the community. It seems to coincide with a burgeoning call for community.

One of the more successful models of just such an endeavor is called The High Line in New York.

The former railway highline was initially built in 1934 for facilitate transport to factories and warehouses. In 1990 the railway became unused and full wild grasses, shrubs, and trees that had sprung along the abandoned tracks and trestles. In 1999, New York’s Mayor at that time Rudy Giuliani had planned to demolish the railway. However, two neighborhood evangelists, Robert Hammond and Joshua David were against the demolition of the famous railway. Instead, they created a community of friends (Friends of the High Line) living in that neighborhood to push the idea to turn railway into a green railway park inspired by Paris “promenade plantée”.